Web Trends in 2010

1) Employee-owned IT
Traditionally, IT departments decide what kind of computers and software employees use and they take responsibility for all maintenance chores. Younger workers, however, have grown up choosing their own computers and applications and want to keep their personalized computing styles. Enter employee-owned IT, which sees workers bringing their own computers to work so that IT can lock them down with virtualization or multiple operating systems that deliver security. IT departments save as maintenance devolves to computer vendors, while employees swear they are more productive using a machine of their choice.

2) Web Analytics as part of Enterprise BI and Dashboards.
Web Analytics in many organizations is still an orphan with no real parents. Every department looks at its data but rarely does it get a strategic priority as an indicator of business trends and business intelligence asset. Investment in web analytics allows for customer insights, marketing spend ROI, conversion optimization and can impact the bottom line. As companies invest in sophisticated BI and analytical dashboards, web based data that is not transactional is usually not there. Integrating web traffic and user interest data into these systems can result in new insights and better actionable data.

3) Approaching Social Networking and Collaboration in a Strategic way
Everyone now realizes the power of social networks and is rushing to get in, establish a FaceBook page, a Twitter account and get’s their PR to sprawl the web to “engage” people. Internally, companies are haphazardly trying various collaboration methods. We see a maturity process happening through 2009 that will force companies to look at all their collaboration points in a strategic way and tie them to business goals and processes. This new approach will transform them from toys to tools and will establish their place and value in the new order.

4) Mobility, Telecommuting and Virtual Meetings
After years of false starts and niche uses, technologies that untether the work force are racing forward at light speed. Wireless networks are becoming ubiquitous, devices are advancing rapidly, and an array of tools and technologies are making virtual meetings, collaboration and telecommuting a seamless proposition. Thirty-five percent of Baseline survey respondents said they’re expecting the use of these tools to increase in 2010.
BlackBerrys, iPhones, netbooks and a spate of other devices are reshaping the landscape. “Businesses are cutting costs and improving their productivity through mobility initiatives,” observes Dan Shey, mobile services practice director at ABI Research. However, at the same time, workers are demanding control over what devices they use and how they use them. “The consumerization of IT is in full swing,” adds Sean Ryan, mobile research analyst at IDC.
A bigger challenge for 2010 involves managing mobile devices and ensuring tight security, Ryan explains. Most organizations need to address these issues in a more comprehensive and holistic way—through better device administration technology and policies. In fact, telecommuting barriers have completely broken down due to the widespread and common use of mobile tools that work across platforms.

This connected and collaborative environment also promises to usher in better desktop video conferencing, along with more advanced telepresence capabilities. The widespread availability of high-bandwidth networks, along with more sophisticated and less-expensive technologies, makes it possible for organizations to work virtually and seamlessly. After years of hype, tools such as Skype, WebEx and Cisco TelePresence—along with widespread high-bandwidth connections—make cross-platform group connectivity and, in some cases, HD video an attractive and viable option.

5) Cloud computing…
has taken the business world by storm! Two-thirds of Baseline survey respondents plan to expand the use of public clouds, which reside on the Internet, provide access to shared computing resources and are operated by third-party providers. Sixty-four percent said they’re interested in private clouds, which, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, are “owned or leased by a single organization and operated solely for that organization.”
A growing number of organizations are turning to clouds to manage various applications, including basic word processing and spreadsheets through Google, CRM tools, ERP and databases. Indeed, most major enterprise application vendors have adapted their applications to run in the cloud—or they are planning to do so.
Organizations are also turning to clouds to keep mobile data in sync. Apple, Research in Motion and other vendors have simplified syncing contacts, e-mails, notes and calendar items across multiple devices.
Meanwhile, Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) allows organizations to access resizable virtualized compute capacity across multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux and Solaris. Microsoft recently introduced Windows Azure, a platform that lets developers create new Microsoft-compatible tools and applications in a cloud-based environment. And Unisys announced the Secure Private Cloud Solution, which optimizes storage virtualization and provides enhancements for internal data centers and business continuity.


When remodeling your home, the bathroom may take a backburner to all other areas of the house with the kitchen typically getting the most attention and budget. It isn’t that way anymore and it should never be that way again.

When remodeling your home, the bathroom may take a backburner to all other areas of the house with the kitchen typically getting the most attention and budget. It isn’t that way anymore and it should never be that way again. The bathroom is where you can let yourself slide into a calming peaceful zone. Let it be in the morning when getting ready for the stressors or at the end of the day after dealing with them. There is not a better place in the home than the bathroom. If you choose to ignore it, it will return the favor. If you decide that you will pay special attention to its decor and maintenance it will take care of you in the same way. They’re funny that way.

In memory of former President John F. Kennedy who was assassinated 46 years ago today.

Top 5 FashionLoo’s for the week of 11/22/09.

FashionLoo’s pick #5-

White-on-White has lost its WOW

Personally, white on white has been way overdone and quite frankly, it’s now beyond boring. When I see one I want to return to it with cans of rainbow colors, various shades of black and grey then just start throwing it in every which way direction to give it character. A personality. This Loo has that pasteurized look which is fine if you’re drinking milk. There is a difference between sterile and keeping it clean. Loo’s should be kept clean and hospitals should be sterile. Though I would never recommend w-on-w this one is ok. There are a couple of tones to it, the dark wood trim would have been way better off with a stone type of accent and the nauseating gold faucets should have been bronze antique with ivory buttons. (btw, is ivory ok to use or will it piss off Sr VP Dan Matthews of PETA to a point that he will crash my next show. Perhaps this time he’ll dress up as Alice from the Brady Bunch to fool security into letting him in. Dan, if you by chance read this let me know. I’ll change it to something that is fake Ivory) Moving on, gold accessories today are not happening. Think about it like this; you’re wearing a custom made designer suit that fits and hangs perfectly. It’s an awesome shade of grey that looks like a million bucks with a black shirt and black tie. For your wheels you put on a pair of white socks and sneakers. Don’t do it. The only time to use gold is when you’re exchanging it for cash. Also, they have a great towel rack but for their own reason(s) found it necessary to tuck it away in a far corner, out of sight and away from any kind of convenience. And why not showcase it anyway. There’s a lot of space here that with a different pair of glasses this Loo could be turned into a masterpiece with very little effort.

FashionLoo’s pick #4

Dead or Alive, Bamboo and Parrots belong outside

The above is our number 4 pick. I absolutely love this Loo. So some of you may be asking why I did not pick this as my number 1 pick for the week. I’ll tell you, the fake Parrots (Dan, I truly love any kind of animal. Well, my own personal cat is being punished right now because he really made a mess out of his Loo this morning. We wrapped all four of his paws in extra strength duck tape with the sticky side out. It slows him down after he’s done going insane. If this fails, a poke or two from a high voltage hotshot cattle prod never fails. It’s just amazing though how soon he forgets. I thought kittens were known for having excellent memories) and the bamboo shades have to go. This Loo is master work in the Spanish tradition that will never become boring or trite. Maybe someone can build a nice birdhouse from the bamboo, outside of course, and put the Parrots in there. This would be nice!

FashionLoo’s pick #3

This Brand is alive and will knock the Hilly-Bill snot out of you.

Where to begin with this one. First off, it’s manufactured by Eljer. The following is strictly my opinion and experiences with Eljer products. Others may have had better and more positive than mine were but it just wasn’t the case with me. Most of us have had the joy of fixing a leaky faucet. It’s great. You go to the hardware store, you talk to an employee and tell him things like brand, problem and what should you do. He/she starts you off with a couple of faucet seats, give you a few instructions (the whole time he’s talking you’re hoping you don’t screw this up) and that this should take care of it. You race home, start ripping the faucet apart when suddenly water is gushing like mad everywhere. You panic at first then crawl under the house to turn off the water main. All the while you could have just turned it off for this job under the sink. Ok, you’re back in the race, a bit bruised but that can even happen in softball. You begin pulling piece after piece out from the faucet handle and you’re beginning to wonder where the heck these seats, seals, washers, springs and why are there springs involved, your mind is racing when you finally come to two little dark circles/holes that look like the same size as your seats. Ok, pop them out, pop the new ones in. Easy enough. Pop! Pop! You’re becoming a genius. A master plumber! Gee, the new seats went right in. Great! Right about then you notice four springs sitting on the sink. The two you took out and the other two… Pop! Pop! Slide the springs into the seats and slide them into the holes… they won’t stay in though. Your cussing is increasing. After about an hr of this you decide the old springs still look pretty good and do what we do, switch. Hey, they slide right in and stay there. This is confirming you’re a master plumber with a creative mind. Now, you look over at all the pieces you took out and wonder how in the world did all those pieces fit under that faucet handle and why in the name of God didn’t you lay them down in order so you could just confidently put them back in starting with the last piece you pulled out. It’s been 7 hrs now and you are just snapping the cap on the faucet handle. There are no extra pieces lying around and you are certain you got each one in its appropriate place. You throw the handle up and… nothing! Not a drip. Not even any moisture. Wow, cuss words you didn’t know you knew. Then it hits you, you need to turn the water on. You run under the house, turn the main on and swagger back in to the sound of yet still nothing. You’re thinking though that perhaps you threw the handle down before going to the water main. Nope, up and down, up and down, up… you turned the water off from under the sink. Easy enough. You turn them both on, flip the faucet handle and water is coming out… from every possible way it can find an opening. Base, center ring, front of faucet handle, back of faucet handle… WTF!!! You turn it off from under the sink; you go in the other room and call a plumber. What should have taken 20 minutes and cost a buck or two is now going to go into day two costing $150. There are two rings inside the faucet that need to be adjusted to precisely together whenever the faucet is taken apart. This is usually a second or two of playing with. Now, you have two Eljer sinks, two Eljer toilets (try and get a handle that fits properly for one of these tanks. Plan on taking some vacation time from work) and two Eljer showers and tubs to go that all leak. You got a decision to make man. So it’s been three weeks and though you used two credit cards and are a few G’s in the hole, this new brand you bought and had installed works perfect! All this because of a couple of little rubber round things with a couple of minute slinky’s that were to go inside each one. Then to FIND Eljer replacement products is next to impossible. Look at the picture. THIS IS 1959 and I am certain we as a country had toilet paper available for purchase back then. No, this is one item that did not have to be made by Eljer. By the way, I was told no OEM available for Eljer replacement parts. This is nuts. Well, where the TP should be there is a towel ring and towel. That is about as much as I want to know about that. Maybe at one point in time this was a great product. If you have them and they work, keep them. If they are faulty and you were to ask me, replace with a new and different brand. Life is too short. We’re creating FashionLoo’s that people can relax in, enjoy, experience the comfort and ambiance of art, decor, sounds… this is what the bathroom was intended for.

FashionLoo’s pick #2

What can be said about this Loo that it isn't already saying.

This Loo says it all. Whatever it is that you need, want, must have, must do, anything at all that seems important will understandably have to take a seat in the other room while the Loo takes care of you. I could live in this room without hesitation. This Loo by far, is the most beautiful I have yet to see. Everyone should have at least one bathroom that will give them what this one can. The world would be in a much better place if this were possible. Now keep in mind, beauty, art, things we crave, our necessities to our pleasures in life be they big, be they small… they are constantly changing. And they should. This is what keeps our muscle beating that we call heart. Art and heart are synonymous. They correspond with one another, they are compatible and the two truly are one and the same. This is why we can go from this as being a masterpiece that can never be replaced to…

And the FashionLoo number 1 pick for this week is…

This Loo will build character and tell you story after story while giving you a lesson in how to be humble. From everyday that is on the calendar from past, there is a tale full of richness from happy beginnings to sad endings. From a simple idea turned brilliant, to a shattered broken old man who has nowhere to go, no one to go to, an unwed Mother of three, no job nor skills, no money supply, the runaway teen who spent the night, cold and shivering, full of fright. The doper the dealer hook this one for free, he\’ll be back and then he belongs to me. The abortions, the sick, a few stopped for rest, today is no different, than any other test. The pauper of pills, cleaned up for a job, but it all kicked in and all was long gone. Or, none of this happened, the owner of the service station was a drunk and never bothered to clean the restroom. Those who dared to open the door found the smell so wretched that they turned to the desert willing to take their chances with rattlesnakes.

Bonus; Success begets Success…

FashionLoo, our original store still operating strong thanks to our faithful clients!

Success seems to follow us no matter what we do. As a result we have opened our second store, FashionLoo-Two. This store will focus mostly on high end accessories with a European influence. FashionLoo-Two will function as a showroom only. All orders will first be sent directly to the showroom for our thorough inspection within 24 hrs of arrival. After inspection clears item then can be shipped directly to you via UPS (additional fee depending on size/weight of item), delivered directly to your home by FashionLoo-Two (additional fee depending on size and weight of item) or you may schedule a day when you would like to come in and pick up (no charge). Any item left at showroom for more than 30 days will be sold at our retail store for full retail price. Original customer will not receive a refund of any type which includes selecting an item of equal value. These customers ordering anything for a second time will still pay for item in full at time of ordering. In addition to this a processing fee of 50% cost of item will be required and is non-refundable if item is not picked up. If item is picked up within 30 days the processing fee only will be returned in full. If you do not agree with any part of the aforementioned policy then by all means, please take your business to a chain store. Chain stores have a no questions asked 100% return policy that often gets repeated business. Maybe it’s just me but I wonder if there is a difference in quality between China and Europe. Just curious. Anyway, thank you for stopping by and we’re looking forward to seeing you again soon at FashionLoo-Two!

Two other recently finished FashionLoos

Both of these bathrooms had some water damage but not bad. Everything was salvageable. The stripping of the wallpaper was tedious and unforgiving with ongoing dust storms. For anyone who suffers from allergies no matter what protective gear you wear this will get to you. The second challenge was though the floors were solid they were “wavy” which took a lot of elbow work to get them even. A big hammer also helped when everything else either failed or became increasingly frustrating. If you look closely at a lot of the wall-hangings, metal pots, soap dishes, some pictures… these were all purchased at various Goodwill’s. The imagination will go along way once it’s encouraged and charged up! They’re great for holding hand-towels, facecloths, soaps, creams and anything else you can thing of.

The wood is original and in pretty fair shape after a lot of muscle beating the hell out of it. The linoleum was glued down with cement. When separating these two I discovered I know a lot of ways to express myself with words that I never knew I had in me. And for the life of me I can't remember what those words are. I bet someone else does though.

The end result of the floor for Loo #1. I really like the way it turned out.

Bathroom #2 is interesting. Almost identical to #1 in the beginning but went in a totally different direction with colors. Dolphin gray walls, Nordic gray baseboards, molding is specs of creams, browns and white. Floor is black, white and gray. Lots of metal in this Loo and though the colors are dark it is extremely calming in this room.

In the early beginning stages of a project everything seems like it will be so much fun. After about 3 minutes into it is when the truth is told.

The end result…

This is the end results for the floor. It is beautiful. The colors are dark throughout that somehow pull off a very warm and comforting feeling. It is quite elegant.

Beautiful lighting that I pieced together

Overall these two FashionLoos were great fun to design. To watch the transformation from basic and functional hum-drum, get ready for the rat race room to #1 becoming artsy, trendy, fashionable that looks like it belongs in a leading ad agency was a lot of fun and exciting. I love the way this Loo turned out.



FashionLoo #2 was anyone’s guess with this window that you’ll see. What do we do with it? Surrounded by wallpaper and a couple of decorative items including a roll of tape, we decided to put our imagination to work around the window and not so much on the window. When we finished with this it was alive. It belonged to the original Rat Pack! It says; “Hey, look at me now” when you walk into the Loo. It knows your name, shines a light on you and will even contest what you are wearing is all wrong for what you’re doing that night; “You’re not REALLY going out in that TONIGHT… are you???” I can also smash it to kingdom come, take away its 8 corners and make a circle out of it if it keeps it up. So far, all corners are intact.

Next is a Plasma TV in The Loo

FashionLoo #2 was a hit or miss going with the dark colors. It could have turned out dreary, doom & gloom and would have then been referred to as a gas station restroom that you operate with your feet. It didn’t though. It didn’t even come close to something of that nauseating look. On the contrary, it converted to an imaginative, artistic and intelligent Loo that would impress any prominent Manhattanite without explanation.

The best for last… Loo number one turned out awesome. Picture perfect. Always finding just the right bucket, soap-dish, antique metal wall hanging and every single time the price was rock bottom and the color(s) perfect for the Loo. We were missing something though. One of those things that you’re not quite sure what it is but you will know it emphatically when you see it. Then, right before our eyes while walking past a taxidermist’s office was Jaz Cat. a.k.a. M.C. CoCo Kat This cat was put together so well he looks totally real! Put your cursor an inch or two above his head, he’ll stare at it for days, even a week one time. Even his colors match the Loo. You have to admit, with this find you know it’s one of those days when everything you touch is going to turn to gold. Now, introducing Jaz Cat at The Loo…

From the tip of his nose to the very end of his tail, Jaz Cat packs them at The Loo!

The Top 5 Picks for the Week of 11/16/09

That time of week again. In a few hours everyone who is sound asleep (everyone with JOBS that is) Man, how did this economy get so bad??? I thought I should start being more frugal and participate in shopping smart, do not waste, buy only what I need to survive on like tree bark and water so I decided I would shop at the 99 cent store for some basic home supplies. Every item in the store was over a $1.00. I left without buying anything. Then I came up with a brilliant idea… I went to all the fast food restaurants and grabbed condiments for the house. This is going to save us a bundle I thought. Next I went to every high end restaurant I could find and took the matches for heat and mints by the pocket loads for snacks while watching TV at home. I’m beginning to think this isn’t so bad. Tomorrow I have plans to rob the food bank. I’m going in disguised as a drunk, angry, enough is enough Dan Matthews/VP of PETA with a loaded squirt gun. I’m hoping that everyone will pass out from shock instead of beating the living dog-snot out of me which is highly likely and understanding. I may even look the other way. Anyway, an update will be in next weeks top 5 picks. Meanwhile, here at the ranch, we’ve cut back so much My cat bit me for no reason at all last night. Well actually, he is always biting me. BUT this time he drew blood and he means business. He wants the top of the line IAMS. I explained that the IAMS offer to animals is; “you’re either IN or you’re OUT” Think about it, not funny. This will make you laugh though, how ridiculous the economy has gotten. I read several articles that recently that the worst crime in Asheville, NC is throwing stones at homes. That’s the worst crime. I mean if you were walking by a window and a rock came flying through I suppose that would be bad. Still, the worst crime is throwing stones at homes. AND it happens often. Now in LA you can sell pot for medicinal purposes, beat the living daylights out of someone and claim it was “mutual combat”. You will get a small fine and that is the end of that. The prisons in Asheville NC though are overcrowded with “home stoned throwers” forced to hard labor. In LA Mass murderers have computers and color TV’S. Let’s jaw on this for a second, I can hopefully and God willing get a job at the infamous Walmart to supplement my income for the upcoming holidays. Thanksgiving we’re having chicken and that’s that. Chanukah we’re having kosher spam for 8 days starting on December 11th and continuing through December 19th and that’s that. On Christmas we’ll order Chinese food and that’s that. Now, I have no idea if Walmart even pay their employees with real money, offer them any sort of benefits (but man, Globalization: Walmart is keeping China busy) Or I could sell crack part time, a few hrs a day. Starting off I would make right around $400k. Can I sleep on it tonight and give you an answer in the morning? Oh by the way, do I get an employee discount? No, not at Walmart dummy, for the crack!”

Moving to The Top 5 picks for this rat race week of 11/16/2009…

# 5~ Loo


I wasn't feeling well the other day so I went to the Loo and painted it PeptoBismol.

# 4~ Loo


Pepto didn't help much so I went for the mint...

# 3~ Loo


Anyone notice that the European Loo's all have chandeliers. I'm starting a reFashion on a small guest Loo tomorrow, actually in a few hours, and I will suggest they have a chandelier installed. Gotta upsell during tough times!

# 2~ Loo


This beautiful classic look is one that is in most demand to reFashion today.

The number 1 FashionLoo for week 11/16/2997 is…
Everything can be done in one room. Dad reads the paper with a martini (4th one by the way) Mom is bathing Jimmy the greek, all three older sisters don’t want to be near you and Mama looks tired, Pops passed out and my sisters are smoking cigarettes in the house. This is insane for a 9 year old!

Have a great week, check back often and stay in shape. You never know who you may run into…


Sort of reminds me of A-Rod 😉

The Top 5 Picks for the Week of 11/9/09

This was an odd week for us. Lots of jobs were wrapping up, everyone seemed happy with the results and did you see how big the moon had been last week? It was full, bright orange and it looked like it was so close we could travel there by plane. Well, you could, I can’t. I can’t fly overseas and I am going to fly to the moon? Overseas, ha, if I fly x-country I am having severe anxiety and need lots of… moving along, we saw some really interesting ideas that I put on the site here and there. I surprised our cat the other day when I walked into the kitchen. She is of the neurotic kind so as one would suspect when the whacked are surprised… she took off in full force, her feet moving faster than the Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil himself AND in the direction away from the door. 10 short feet in front of her was nothing but wall and she’s picking up speed per foot as her fat body is catching up with her feet. I’m standing there thinking that this is not only going to be good but it will be the highlight of my day. Inches from the wall now my anxiety starts getting in gear. She doesn’t miss a note and flys up the wall hissing and I let out this; “Oh my God! She’s actually running up the wall” Well gravity was about to win this battle before she crashed into the ceiling which I did want to see. She somehow flipped her body around as she’s making a u-turn. Not only is she going as fast as a cheetah now with a hiss that would scare a rattle snake there’s a weird odor coming from her that scared me so I jumped out of her way. I didn’t see “Taz” for about 8 hours after that. I thought how odd, she is still out of breath. For some reason it reminds me of the many times I have fallen in the gutter. I would just lay there and stare at the stars. I never knew if it were the beauty of the stars in the sky or the fall itself that took my breath away.
Here are the top 5 Loo picks for this week. Enjoy. Remember, if you’ve looked for hours on end and still can’t find your glasses just forget about it. You’ll find them when you take them off.

# 5~


I have just one word for this Loo- everything about it has superior quality right down to the smallest detail. It's beautiful!

# 4~


Ok, this Loo was designed in France. I have been trying to figure this out. Does this person have a Loo in his office or is his home bathroom where his office is. Anyone?

# 3~


The mirror acts as an illusion, I thought it was a door

# 2~


May not have the comfort you like but this is superior quality!

And the # 1 Loo for this week…


Not to have worries, what a great place to be!

If the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence that is because the cows have already been there.

Have a great week and check back often!

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The Top 5 Picks for the Week of 11/1/09

This week we’re looking in the vault of past and present. Anything from the perfect apt bathroom to the Loo accessories that make you want to get rid of your plastic soap dish. Hopefully, anything that catches your attention will trigger that imagination into doing something, anything different to your bathroom this week. Heck, get a piece of canvas the size of one of the bathroom walls and start painting. Or have a favorite dead celebrity signature party where someone picks their favorite dead celebrity and signs that name on your bathroom wall. Rock stars, the infamous or even the “Walls with Voo-Doo Dolls” is always a fun one. Especially when a particular person needs to use your Loo one day and notices the walls are covered with drawings of pins in dolls with names of people below them. Some you know, some you don’t. You find this amusing and somewhat creative until you come across a doll with your name below it. And it has more pins in it than any other doll on the wall. You find this a bit disturbing, actually you find it so disturbing you’re shaking uncontrollably. You decide to clean it off the wall somehow and hope your ex-friend doesn’t notice your doll is missing. But when you open a cabinet door to look for something to take it off with you’re faced with yet another drawing that reads; “Your Doll on my Wall, it’s there to stay, best leave it alone or you’ll have hell to pay” And we wonder why we suddenly get sharp pains for absolutely no reason at all. I say BS! Words I live by; “Be good to all and stay off The Wall” It works for me. If you need extra security carry a pocketful of red brick dust with you for the next several days. Enjoy your week and stay off the wall!

# 5~

# 5 ~

Small, efficient and tasetfully done. Great colors.

# 4~


Notice all the minor details in this LOO... nicely done.

# 3~


Fun Italian wall art for any Loo

# 2~

Always no matter what accessories you put in there

This classic is a must in any size Loo

And the number 1 pick for the week of 11/1/09 is…


This Old World Charm is what Italy does naturally. Pure, true and elegant in every way.

Our Top 5 Bathroom Picks for this Week ~ 10/19/2009

# 5 – bathroom-art-unique-infinite-imagination-beautiful

# 4 – bathroom-art-deco-4-top-5-10-19-09

# 3 – bathroom-art-deco-3-top-5-10-19-09

# 2 – bathroom-art-deco-classic-top-5-10-19-09

And the # 1 Loo for this week is…