Bathrooms you shouldn’t touch… ever! If you do, don’t start handshaking, just don’t.

This is the FashionLoo after 3:00am edition that comes out once every… this is the first edition. Enjoy!

Have you ever stepped in to use a restroom, right, at a gas station and they’re MF’ing disgusting. There is something fascinating about this though. As soon as you realize that the room you just entered could very well hold some kind of weapon of mass destruction you IMMEDIATELY have this, this mastery, this particular activity adeptness to use your feet to turn things on like a ceiling fan only to discover it doesn’t work. Why in the world would it work anyway??? You can flip the toilet seat up/down, (trust me, in my case it ain’t never going down in a Loo like this) and if the water works it’s freakin astonishing that you can adjust the hot and cold to warm (two handle faucet) flush the toilet and two top it off the last three things are the proof that you are gifted. You are not just a winner but you’re a champion. You’re the maestro at maneuvering your way around a hole in the wall shitter and operating everything in there with your feet only. 1) When we are done what do we do? Wash our hands. I don’t know about you but my hands never came out of my pockets but I still wash them. 2) Somehow, and not sure how, I do get my hands dry. Yea, paper towels in this Loo would be… never mind. No way is there paper towels in this shit-hole. Get over it. Somehow we do get them dry and we’re not using our clothes. We will them dry. And number 3) is a gas… no kidding huh? Now we zero right on that doorknob and I will die a slow painful death before I touch that thing. I ‘ve used my shirt cuff in the past but I have a tee-shirt on, brilliant white and I am not about to get some gas station “virus” because it really hasn’t been identified yet. The reason it hasn’t been is because the people who have had it haven’t lived long enough for the “virus” and it’s symptoms to be studied. Suddenly, that handle turns, the door flicks wide open and all this with the bottom of your foot. Truly amazing because I struggle with the fear of “touching public door knobs all day” in general. Do you know how many people in one day touch the same door that you do? Gazillions. But because of purell I am able to go outside again. I really should add a #4… once outside you release your breath. You have undertaken this entire task of using a “gasoline station public restroom” operating everything with your feet and the whole time you were holing your breath! Now, not sure about you but think about this, you were in there a long time meaning at least 10 minutes. And if you have BPH and are not on medication then you are in there for at least 1/2 hr. Taking that elusive BPH leak is painful enough all in its own. So if you think about what you have just done with your body, in an environment that does kill coo-coo-rachaz it really does qualify as an eighth wonder of the world. Seriously! Look at some that were once thought of as an 8th wonder; Grande Canyon, Empire State Bldg, natural tunnel in Virginia, Panama Canal and even André the Giant was at one time. If André the Giant can make the list so should Using the Loo at a shit-hole Gasoline Station. I think Stephen King would agree. Take a look at some of the places we’re talking about…

Oh here's a place we can stop at to use the facilities and grab a bite to eat!

Hurry up! Let's go! It was full, I'll use the next one!

Close call but he made it!

this is much more natural than that gas station facility. OCD really bad with this cracker-jack

Forget it! I'll go take my chances with the rattlers...

I'm sure the city meant well but I just couldn't do it.

I can redesign and refashion your curent bathroom into something that will make you stay away from any other Loo. Especially the public facilities. There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's n... Call me. You'll be glad you did!

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Classic, Aged with the Detail at its Finest. You know, some things should just stay the way they are…

Back on board at The Loo, this bathroom is awesome. Don’t just glance over it but look at the detail… a wired soap dish attached (kind of low for my liking) to the wall, the toilet speaks for itself and I would love to have that exact toilet. Just yanking on that chain to flush would be cool. I know, I know, conserve water and save the planet and I believe in that. But Bono has it covered. Anyway, the toilet is amazing, the door in the corner is kind of interesting. I believe it’s a door, maybe a dutch door, the coat-rack for robes, the stand with what looks like a pitcher & bowl, then the main sink. The plumbing alone is very cool. The walls must be 12 – 15 ft which is enough room to build a loft if someone wanted to. If you look in the mirror there is a reflection of what looks like a large draped window. This must be one hell of a house. The rug alone looks like it cost a fortune. What does this have to do with the average person that goes from paycheck to paycheck? Stimulate ideas. I know I’ll never live in a house like this BUT with imagination and some creative passion you can have a miniature. I have found some great items at thrift stores for a buck or two. Cleaned them up, tightened a screw polished it down to the metal and ended up with something that looks like I paid a lot of money for. I got a couple of antique soap dishes this way. Small and medium sized vases, picked up a great pitcher & bowl (not crazy about the color but it’s in near perfect condition and was $3-) hard wired screen baskets are great for anything and look artsy all cleaned up with a few rolled towels in them. Then the two rusted brass 12” candle holders. I cut off the part that holds the candle (actually I beat the things to death with a hammer because I don’t have a hack-saw and that part eventually broke off. You just gotta hang in there sometimes and make use with what you have) Hung them on the wall with the two bottom ends connecting placing them going in opposite directions. It not only came out great it looks like a very expensive piece of metal wall art. I think they were like a buck a piece. I hung a few corner pieces of crown molding with no intention of going full circle and it looks great. Cost me like $5- I had a small brown pressed wood bathroom cabinet. Nothing special. The kind you would either toss or give to someone if they needed one. Instead, I painted it white, replaced the brown wood knobs with brushed nickel metal knobs and in no time at all I have this stylish artsy cabinet that cost about $15- The ideas are endless. What one thing does for you may not for another so who cares. Hang a soap dish upside down on the ceiling with a small picture in it. When people are using your bathroom they’ll see it and wonder… WTF??? John Lennon was once asked what a particular song meant. His was response was what it meant to him and what it may mean to someone else will have two different meanings so why does it matter what it means to him. Now remember the sidebar with John saying something about the eye of the hurricane when suddenly you realize you’re performing in concert… my interpretation of those words were he just came out of a blackout and hears Paul saying; “for the 10th time now John, start us off” There it is, same song, two different meanings.

Decorative crown molding corner piece

And it all started with this!

The Vintage Loo and why we should bring it back… FAST!

Check out the detail in this bathroom; side window columns, wall lamps, I think the feet of the tub have faces on them and the wall tile or marble covers about 3/4 of the wall from floor to ceiling. Just above the wall tile is a robe hook. The double towel racks are great! A lot of the things in here are being brought back by people today when remodeling their bathroom.

Judging by the stool in this bathroom I’ll guess that this person was someone who was pampered and well taken care of.

Love the bathrooms where the commode is in a separate room. This is a design that would be welcomed back!

I have never seen an accessory like this before. My guess is since taking a bath was more common than showering this bowl was to hold clean water to; a) wash your face b) wash/rinse your hair c) I don’t have a clue what this thing is other than I will be obsessed with the thought until I do know what it was used for. Anyone know?

When you get a look at true craftsmanship of anything that shows imagination, love for the work, minute detail it is usually something from years ago. Today it comes down to spend less money in every way possible when making something then charge top dollar for it. The day the Loo dies is the day when we get out of bed in the morning still half asleep, an ache here and there, minor pain in your neck, one knee… and we go straight to the conveyor belt. 5 minutes later we are completely clean from head to toe/inside & out, fully dressed and ready to go. This next design, one that I am sure took some thought and hard work, tells me we are one step closer to “The Belt!”

Great Loo, limited space, made it work!

I love this bathroom. Check it out… the windows are unique or at least rarely seen anymore. That sink I know goes for under $100, the colors are perfect and for this Loo a person couldn’t find better matching tones. Two things I will caution you about, the toilet handle is on the left side when looking at it. Eljer is made that way. They’re next to impossible to find. Now sitting on the toilet to TP is sticking out from the wall. Either a TP stand that you can move around or have the it inserted into the wall with copper casing. It would be perfect. I am a pain in the ass aren’t I 😉 I have a feeling this Loo is in the UK.

Love it! Side wall lamps, the colors blend really well, the floor looks awesome. The only thing is the toilet handle is on the left side. This may be an Eljer. Move forward with EXTREME caution people.

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A call came in for this Loo…

Yea, a mostly green kitchen is like some chick with hundreds of tatts not ever wondering what she’ll look like as grandma. Kitchens… they’re so overrated! And btw, The Brady Bunch just called and they want their kitchen back now!

One red apple in this pic would have made it a great shot.

A FashionLoo can take you away from this…

Would you rather be here in January

or maybe here at Venice Beach...

or perhaps a block away and you would be here at the Venice Beach Canals

Just the Loo that can take you there or wherever you choose

I came across an old Loo that two people share and it hit me then!

Were these two separated at birth? Has it been a well kept secret all these years? I’ve been a big fan of one and admired the other for what that person went through in life AND not only survived but bounced back. The other did as well. Was on top of the world, more money than needed, lost it all, formed some bad habits along the way and also bounced back. Looking at the two of them now there is something very odd like, uncanny, suspect… are they twins?

Could they be twins? Are they at least siblings? Until now, I never really noticed how closely they resemble one another. However, she looks great while he looks like another train wreck that is going to happen. The good news is his band mates see this one coming and hopped off the train. Don’t get me wrong, I love his band. I’ve seen them live at least a dozen times starting at Amherst College in 1974 – Kingdome in Seattle in 1979 – to The Staples Center in LA in 2006 and that show was the best out of all. In Seattle they were into their 3rd song when they were booed off stage. Well, Steven fell off stage first but they were all so Fu***d-up that they would have been yanked anyway. These guys went through this before and were lucky enough to bounce back. Now, here we go again and this time I don’t think they’ll be so lucky. Not Steven anyway. It’s too bad.

I think they just may be.

I can't tell, can you?

Steven and Co. were jamin one time at U-Mass back in 1974. He threw a beer at me, some things were said and then it was forgotten... sort of. This is one cat that has always been in high gear, on the go and never shuts the F**k up. Looking at him in this pic I feel like I should help him cross the street. I think it's time for him to go unplugged. God bless him for what he gave us though.

Two other recently finished FashionLoos

Both of these bathrooms had some water damage but not bad. Everything was salvageable. The stripping of the wallpaper was tedious and unforgiving with ongoing dust storms. For anyone who suffers from allergies no matter what protective gear you wear this will get to you. The second challenge was though the floors were solid they were “wavy” which took a lot of elbow work to get them even. A big hammer also helped when everything else either failed or became increasingly frustrating. If you look closely at a lot of the wall-hangings, metal pots, soap dishes, some pictures… these were all purchased at various Goodwill’s. The imagination will go along way once it’s encouraged and charged up! They’re great for holding hand-towels, facecloths, soaps, creams and anything else you can thing of.

The wood is original and in pretty fair shape after a lot of muscle beating the hell out of it. The linoleum was glued down with cement. When separating these two I discovered I know a lot of ways to express myself with words that I never knew I had in me. And for the life of me I can't remember what those words are. I bet someone else does though.

The end result of the floor for Loo #1. I really like the way it turned out.

Bathroom #2 is interesting. Almost identical to #1 in the beginning but went in a totally different direction with colors. Dolphin gray walls, Nordic gray baseboards, molding is specs of creams, browns and white. Floor is black, white and gray. Lots of metal in this Loo and though the colors are dark it is extremely calming in this room.

In the early beginning stages of a project everything seems like it will be so much fun. After about 3 minutes into it is when the truth is told.

The end result…

This is the end results for the floor. It is beautiful. The colors are dark throughout that somehow pull off a very warm and comforting feeling. It is quite elegant.

Beautiful lighting that I pieced together

Overall these two FashionLoos were great fun to design. To watch the transformation from basic and functional hum-drum, get ready for the rat race room to #1 becoming artsy, trendy, fashionable that looks like it belongs in a leading ad agency was a lot of fun and exciting. I love the way this Loo turned out.



FashionLoo #2 was anyone’s guess with this window that you’ll see. What do we do with it? Surrounded by wallpaper and a couple of decorative items including a roll of tape, we decided to put our imagination to work around the window and not so much on the window. When we finished with this it was alive. It belonged to the original Rat Pack! It says; “Hey, look at me now” when you walk into the Loo. It knows your name, shines a light on you and will even contest what you are wearing is all wrong for what you’re doing that night; “You’re not REALLY going out in that TONIGHT… are you???” I can also smash it to kingdom come, take away its 8 corners and make a circle out of it if it keeps it up. So far, all corners are intact.

Next is a Plasma TV in The Loo

FashionLoo #2 was a hit or miss going with the dark colors. It could have turned out dreary, doom & gloom and would have then been referred to as a gas station restroom that you operate with your feet. It didn’t though. It didn’t even come close to something of that nauseating look. On the contrary, it converted to an imaginative, artistic and intelligent Loo that would impress any prominent Manhattanite without explanation.

The best for last… Loo number one turned out awesome. Picture perfect. Always finding just the right bucket, soap-dish, antique metal wall hanging and every single time the price was rock bottom and the color(s) perfect for the Loo. We were missing something though. One of those things that you’re not quite sure what it is but you will know it emphatically when you see it. Then, right before our eyes while walking past a taxidermist’s office was Jaz Cat. a.k.a. M.C. CoCo Kat This cat was put together so well he looks totally real! Put your cursor an inch or two above his head, he’ll stare at it for days, even a week one time. Even his colors match the Loo. You have to admit, with this find you know it’s one of those days when everything you touch is going to turn to gold. Now, introducing Jaz Cat at The Loo…

From the tip of his nose to the very end of his tail, Jaz Cat packs them at The Loo!

The Top 5 Picks for the Week of 11/16/09

That time of week again. In a few hours everyone who is sound asleep (everyone with JOBS that is) Man, how did this economy get so bad??? I thought I should start being more frugal and participate in shopping smart, do not waste, buy only what I need to survive on like tree bark and water so I decided I would shop at the 99 cent store for some basic home supplies. Every item in the store was over a $1.00. I left without buying anything. Then I came up with a brilliant idea… I went to all the fast food restaurants and grabbed condiments for the house. This is going to save us a bundle I thought. Next I went to every high end restaurant I could find and took the matches for heat and mints by the pocket loads for snacks while watching TV at home. I’m beginning to think this isn’t so bad. Tomorrow I have plans to rob the food bank. I’m going in disguised as a drunk, angry, enough is enough Dan Matthews/VP of PETA with a loaded squirt gun. I’m hoping that everyone will pass out from shock instead of beating the living dog-snot out of me which is highly likely and understanding. I may even look the other way. Anyway, an update will be in next weeks top 5 picks. Meanwhile, here at the ranch, we’ve cut back so much My cat bit me for no reason at all last night. Well actually, he is always biting me. BUT this time he drew blood and he means business. He wants the top of the line IAMS. I explained that the IAMS offer to animals is; “you’re either IN or you’re OUT” Think about it, not funny. This will make you laugh though, how ridiculous the economy has gotten. I read several articles that recently that the worst crime in Asheville, NC is throwing stones at homes. That’s the worst crime. I mean if you were walking by a window and a rock came flying through I suppose that would be bad. Still, the worst crime is throwing stones at homes. AND it happens often. Now in LA you can sell pot for medicinal purposes, beat the living daylights out of someone and claim it was “mutual combat”. You will get a small fine and that is the end of that. The prisons in Asheville NC though are overcrowded with “home stoned throwers” forced to hard labor. In LA Mass murderers have computers and color TV’S. Let’s jaw on this for a second, I can hopefully and God willing get a job at the infamous Walmart to supplement my income for the upcoming holidays. Thanksgiving we’re having chicken and that’s that. Chanukah we’re having kosher spam for 8 days starting on December 11th and continuing through December 19th and that’s that. On Christmas we’ll order Chinese food and that’s that. Now, I have no idea if Walmart even pay their employees with real money, offer them any sort of benefits (but man, Globalization: Walmart is keeping China busy) Or I could sell crack part time, a few hrs a day. Starting off I would make right around $400k. Can I sleep on it tonight and give you an answer in the morning? Oh by the way, do I get an employee discount? No, not at Walmart dummy, for the crack!”

Moving to The Top 5 picks for this rat race week of 11/16/2009…

# 5~ Loo


I wasn't feeling well the other day so I went to the Loo and painted it PeptoBismol.

# 4~ Loo


Pepto didn't help much so I went for the mint...

# 3~ Loo


Anyone notice that the European Loo's all have chandeliers. I'm starting a reFashion on a small guest Loo tomorrow, actually in a few hours, and I will suggest they have a chandelier installed. Gotta upsell during tough times!

# 2~ Loo


This beautiful classic look is one that is in most demand to reFashion today.

The number 1 FashionLoo for week 11/16/2997 is…
Everything can be done in one room. Dad reads the paper with a martini (4th one by the way) Mom is bathing Jimmy the greek, all three older sisters don’t want to be near you and Mama looks tired, Pops passed out and my sisters are smoking cigarettes in the house. This is insane for a 9 year old!

Have a great week, check back often and stay in shape. You never know who you may run into…


Sort of reminds me of A-Rod 😉

The Top 5 Picks for the Week of 11/9/09

This was an odd week for us. Lots of jobs were wrapping up, everyone seemed happy with the results and did you see how big the moon had been last week? It was full, bright orange and it looked like it was so close we could travel there by plane. Well, you could, I can’t. I can’t fly overseas and I am going to fly to the moon? Overseas, ha, if I fly x-country I am having severe anxiety and need lots of… moving along, we saw some really interesting ideas that I put on the site here and there. I surprised our cat the other day when I walked into the kitchen. She is of the neurotic kind so as one would suspect when the whacked are surprised… she took off in full force, her feet moving faster than the Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil himself AND in the direction away from the door. 10 short feet in front of her was nothing but wall and she’s picking up speed per foot as her fat body is catching up with her feet. I’m standing there thinking that this is not only going to be good but it will be the highlight of my day. Inches from the wall now my anxiety starts getting in gear. She doesn’t miss a note and flys up the wall hissing and I let out this; “Oh my God! She’s actually running up the wall” Well gravity was about to win this battle before she crashed into the ceiling which I did want to see. She somehow flipped her body around as she’s making a u-turn. Not only is she going as fast as a cheetah now with a hiss that would scare a rattle snake there’s a weird odor coming from her that scared me so I jumped out of her way. I didn’t see “Taz” for about 8 hours after that. I thought how odd, she is still out of breath. For some reason it reminds me of the many times I have fallen in the gutter. I would just lay there and stare at the stars. I never knew if it were the beauty of the stars in the sky or the fall itself that took my breath away.
Here are the top 5 Loo picks for this week. Enjoy. Remember, if you’ve looked for hours on end and still can’t find your glasses just forget about it. You’ll find them when you take them off.

# 5~


I have just one word for this Loo- everything about it has superior quality right down to the smallest detail. It's beautiful!

# 4~


Ok, this Loo was designed in France. I have been trying to figure this out. Does this person have a Loo in his office or is his home bathroom where his office is. Anyone?

# 3~


The mirror acts as an illusion, I thought it was a door

# 2~


May not have the comfort you like but this is superior quality!

And the # 1 Loo for this week…


Not to have worries, what a great place to be!

If the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence that is because the cows have already been there.

Have a great week and check back often!

g. max shapiro
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