Another great live album for everyone who loves classic rock should have…

The Guess Who. from Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. Has anyone ever ventured across the midwest prairie, northbound, driving into Winniepeg? In January? F’n cold is no joke. You need to duck in a store every block or two just to warm up. I think the average temp is -17F in the middle of winter? The owner; “Cold out there ey?” They end everything with “ey” in Winnipeg. They’re the nicest and friendliest bunch I have ever met. And they produced two great Rock n Roll talents, Neil Young and The Guess who. I’m going to throw in some words by ALAN NIESTER regarding The Guess Who… “Burton Cummings may be a punk, but fortunately he’s a punk with considerable talent and rock consciousness. For this reason alone, The Guess Who Live at the Paramount (in Seattle) is a surprisingly good album. Surprising because the Guess Who have never been noted for the excellence of their concerts. They are, and always will be, a studio oriented band of which Cummings has always been the center attraction both musically and physically (apart from Cummings, the remainder of the group have to rate as one of the ugliest ensembles of all time, even challenging Canned Heat and Buddy Miles for grossness). So despite the fact that there are damn few flashes of instrumental brilliance presented on this LP, it is the punky arrogance of Burton Cummings that makes the whole package so downright neat.” Burt Cummings a punk? First of all Alan should define “punk” because BC is neither a punk in terms of slang young wise-guy and BC is/was never a spiked haired, purple green dress w/ army boots wanna be musician. And goes on to say “one of the ugliest ensembles of all time challenging…” is freakin nuts! “Few flashes of instrumental brilliance presented on this LP…” man, does this Alan guy have something personal to settle with this band? There are 3 songs on this album that could put meth asleep but outside of those three this album kicks ass and really kicks ass on USA while in the USA. The band has balls and they really let em out during this concert. Alan uses words and phrases for Rock Legends like rock consciousness which we all have. But that rock n roll cockiness is something that you have or you don’t. Burt has it. All Rock Stars do. Then he goes on to say that “it is the punky arrogance of Burton Cummings that makes the whole package so downright neat. “Downright neat” Why didn’t he just add the O, “NEATO” Alan refers to the album as “fun”. Another gong for this loser. Again, besides the three sleepers this album is MF’ing great! It is right up there with one of the best live Rock n’ Roll albums put out by any band ever. The last five songs is when they teach other musicians how to own the stage. They are, Hand me down World, American WOMAN (an F’n classic that never gets boring and nails most of the female population in this country excluding my girlfriend) Trucking off across the sky is way too happening. I’ll match this song with any bands best during a live performance. Then Share the Land and No Time bring you to wherever you were then, whatever you were doing and it’s a peaceful way to end an extraordinary concert by some guys from the North Pole. Going back to Alan rating the rest of the band (excluding BC) as one of the ugliest ensembles must have smoked a lot of crack before it was crack. Remember, the band’s early hits were notable for the innovative guitar work of Randy Bachman, whose six-string style had a profound impact on fellow Winnipeg native Neil Young.
Here is where Alan thinks he’s Brian Epstein. “”Truckin’ Off Across the Sky” neatly tacked to the end. Here, Cummings proves himself a snotty rock star in the best tradition—contemptuous, egotistical, spotlight-grabbing. He clutches the spotlight greedily, singing along even when there are no words to sing. He fills the instrumental segments with growls, grunts his final notes a trifle longer than he ought. “American woman, American bitch, American lesbian, American whore,” he gnarls and spits—no idea of the limits of even decent taste. A punk Canadian sliding into an American theater and telling the kids what he thinks of them, and they all eat it up.” You forgot to add that he also says American Slut and American Nurse. Your blaming the messenger boy, I still see these woman in America and most likely 20 – 30 times more rampant today than in 1972. Take a look at all the rag mags selling sex in America, even CL gets away with it. You’re blaming your neighbor for your own mess in your own backyard. Relax Alan, most Americans are becoming the most passive in the world, want to point the finger at someone else for our own issues. Because we spend all our time bitchin and smokin weed we’ve gotten fat and lazy AND China is lovin us for it! Take these lyrics to heart by The White Stripes ~ Effect and Cause (The verse below is brilliant and the 6th verse of the song)
“I ain’t the reason that you gave me no reason to return your call
You built a house of cards and got shocked when you saw them fall
Well are you sayin’ I’m innocent?
In fact the reverse
But if you’re headin’ to the grave
You don’t blame the hearse
You’re like a little girl yellin’ at her brother
‘Cause you lost his ball”

If you have not listened to this album; “The Guess Who, Live at the Paramount” I suggest you get it.


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