Back by poopular demand…

The Battle of the “SOAP DISH” Yea! Man, this one is fun. Every country on the planet, how many countries are there? Is it 194? 204? Just as human beings this would be a good thing to know. I mean look at it this way, if you asked some extreme liberal pet owners who are constantly bleeding from the mouth about everything but what truly is important in Santa Monica, how to get to the 405 they would look west first (west is towards that large body of water often referred to as the pacific ocean) and say something like this. Also, these are natives of the Westside, here we go; “well, it’s not that way because the water is that way. I don’t think it’s down there either. I have just never seen a freeway down there. It could be up there. Now did you say Pacific Coast Highway? Oh, the 405 freeway… the 405, mmm, do you know what it’s called?” This is when the out of towner walks away and is feeling sorry for the person. The thing is all freeways have a number which most people go by; the 405, the 5, the 101, the 10… the 405 is called The San Diego Freeway. So this is how you tell a native of CA. And this same person who just sounded ditzy and harmless screamed at a homeless woman. I witnessed this. Check it out. The homeless woman was petting a dog tied to a parking meter. The dog was shy and was cowering down. The mouth bleeding no sense of direction pet owner woman comes storming out of boarders with about $100 worth of pastries, 8 bags of no caff, organic, locally grown, hand picked and foot crushed beans gutless wonder coffee and starts frantically untying her dog from the meter. The homeless woman who probably has not touched a living creature in a while but maybe a bug or a spider said very politely to the woman (this is freakin priceless b/c it is so Santa Monica. I hate Santa Monica and hope the entire town drops into the ocean. They do have the best cupcakes in the world there though, tough call) anyway, she politely says to the breeder bleeder; “I tried to pet your dog. He’s so shy and he’s beautiful” when Christine Columbus got in her face and raised her voice just short of yelling and said; he’s not shy, he hates people who smoke cigarettes!” then she stormed off. The homeless woman was priceless. She just smiled and said; “he’s still a pretty dog” Oh, I almost forgot what we were doing here. The battle of the Soap Dish and how many countries are in the world. For the 3rd time in my entire life I got something right. Cause for celebration! We don’t, who ever “we” is, we don’t count Taiwan as an official country so there are currently 194 countries in the world. This is kind of bull-shit though. Think about it. We don’t consider Taiwan as an “official” country but the Vatican is a country within Rome. It’s not a wonder that I got into the shi… the FashionLoo business 🙂 Ok, the best soap dish in the world and the worst.
As usual, the Italians have “cleaned up” on the soap dish battle. Here it is…

Italian – aged brass bath soap dish

Yea, Yea, Yea... aged brass, Italian... so what! Now look at ours, USofA...

Because we were almost disqualified for our previous soap dish were given a one-time only replacement opportunity. I can assure you we didn’t go to the 0.99cent store this time, we went to “Soap Dish traveler de la Creme” where only the best, top-shelf only, optimum and finest plastic stuff is sold at a discount. I honestly felt in my heart of hearts that we would undisputedly walk away with the award for the first time ever.We got it alright, “FashionLoo, worst Loo accessories ever” award. Our fine Pop Culture item which was most difficult to locate loses to a rusty old tub soap dish that they call “aged brass from Italy” Who cares??? Ours is in a claw foot tub. It’s personal now. We are already designing our own accessories from this point forward. Surely we’ll be opening FashionLoo 3 ~ “Accessories; Personalize your Loo. After all, it is you”. Even the name is a hit. See what Europe has next week… Ha Ha Ha! I already smell success and can see gold going to the bank! We’re talking Cream de la Creme here and not creme brulee < burnt cream. So claw foot pop culture soap dish lost the battle, but not the war! Take a good long hard look at him…


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