I came across an old Loo that two people share and it hit me then!

Were these two separated at birth? Has it been a well kept secret all these years? I’ve been a big fan of one and admired the other for what that person went through in life AND not only survived but bounced back. The other did as well. Was on top of the world, more money than needed, lost it all, formed some bad habits along the way and also bounced back. Looking at the two of them now there is something very odd like, uncanny, suspect… are they twins?

Could they be twins? Are they at least siblings? Until now, I never really noticed how closely they resemble one another. However, she looks great while he looks like another train wreck that is going to happen. The good news is his band mates see this one coming and hopped off the train. Don’t get me wrong, I love his band. I’ve seen them live at least a dozen times starting at Amherst College in 1974 – Kingdome in Seattle in 1979 – to The Staples Center in LA in 2006 and that show was the best out of all. In Seattle they were into their 3rd song when they were booed off stage. Well, Steven fell off stage first but they were all so Fu***d-up that they would have been yanked anyway. These guys went through this before and were lucky enough to bounce back. Now, here we go again and this time I don’t think they’ll be so lucky. Not Steven anyway. It’s too bad.

I think they just may be.

I can't tell, can you?

Steven and Co. were jamin one time at U-Mass back in 1974. He threw a beer at me, some things were said and then it was forgotten... sort of. This is one cat that has always been in high gear, on the go and never shuts the F**k up. Looking at him in this pic I feel like I should help him cross the street. I think it's time for him to go unplugged. God bless him for what he gave us though.


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