Before you go…

Remember to comfort yourself in the morning by way of the Loo. Don’t get involved in that rat race and take your time. Ground yourself then let yourself go like you walk on air because you do. Don’t let people control who you are and what you do but do let people be people. No matter who people are, I think all have a good heart with well intentions. Some just have guarded theirs for so long that they forgot how to open it up. Others have not used theirs for a long time so it may be a little rusty. And those that don’t realize the nature of the heart were just never taught. But you can show then the nature of yours and one day, some person who never realized, a light will go on and shine forever.So contact the FashionLoo, and we’ll design a brand just for you 😉

You pick it, we'll create it

Perhaps this one knows more about you than you do

or this one, it will release the real you

So, you’ll let me know by tomorrow which FashionLoo you decided on.


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