The Top 5 Picks for the Week of 11/16/09

That time of week again. In a few hours everyone who is sound asleep (everyone with JOBS that is) Man, how did this economy get so bad??? I thought I should start being more frugal and participate in shopping smart, do not waste, buy only what I need to survive on like tree bark and water so I decided I would shop at the 99 cent store for some basic home supplies. Every item in the store was over a $1.00. I left without buying anything. Then I came up with a brilliant idea… I went to all the fast food restaurants and grabbed condiments for the house. This is going to save us a bundle I thought. Next I went to every high end restaurant I could find and took the matches for heat and mints by the pocket loads for snacks while watching TV at home. I’m beginning to think this isn’t so bad. Tomorrow I have plans to rob the food bank. I’m going in disguised as a drunk, angry, enough is enough Dan Matthews/VP of PETA with a loaded squirt gun. I’m hoping that everyone will pass out from shock instead of beating the living dog-snot out of me which is highly likely and understanding. I may even look the other way. Anyway, an update will be in next weeks top 5 picks. Meanwhile, here at the ranch, we’ve cut back so much My cat bit me for no reason at all last night. Well actually, he is always biting me. BUT this time he drew blood and he means business. He wants the top of the line IAMS. I explained that the IAMS offer to animals is; “you’re either IN or you’re OUT” Think about it, not funny. This will make you laugh though, how ridiculous the economy has gotten. I read several articles that recently that the worst crime in Asheville, NC is throwing stones at homes. That’s the worst crime. I mean if you were walking by a window and a rock came flying through I suppose that would be bad. Still, the worst crime is throwing stones at homes. AND it happens often. Now in LA you can sell pot for medicinal purposes, beat the living daylights out of someone and claim it was “mutual combat”. You will get a small fine and that is the end of that. The prisons in Asheville NC though are overcrowded with “home stoned throwers” forced to hard labor. In LA Mass murderers have computers and color TV’S. Let’s jaw on this for a second, I can hopefully and God willing get a job at the infamous Walmart to supplement my income for the upcoming holidays. Thanksgiving we’re having chicken and that’s that. Chanukah we’re having kosher spam for 8 days starting on December 11th and continuing through December 19th and that’s that. On Christmas we’ll order Chinese food and that’s that. Now, I have no idea if Walmart even pay their employees with real money, offer them any sort of benefits (but man, Globalization: Walmart is keeping China busy) Or I could sell crack part time, a few hrs a day. Starting off I would make right around $400k. Can I sleep on it tonight and give you an answer in the morning? Oh by the way, do I get an employee discount? No, not at Walmart dummy, for the crack!”

Moving to The Top 5 picks for this rat race week of 11/16/2009…

# 5~ Loo


I wasn't feeling well the other day so I went to the Loo and painted it PeptoBismol.

# 4~ Loo


Pepto didn't help much so I went for the mint...

# 3~ Loo


Anyone notice that the European Loo's all have chandeliers. I'm starting a reFashion on a small guest Loo tomorrow, actually in a few hours, and I will suggest they have a chandelier installed. Gotta upsell during tough times!

# 2~ Loo


This beautiful classic look is one that is in most demand to reFashion today.

The number 1 FashionLoo for week 11/16/2997 is…
Everything can be done in one room. Dad reads the paper with a martini (4th one by the way) Mom is bathing Jimmy the greek, all three older sisters don’t want to be near you and Mama looks tired, Pops passed out and my sisters are smoking cigarettes in the house. This is insane for a 9 year old!

Have a great week, check back often and stay in shape. You never know who you may run into…


Sort of reminds me of A-Rod 😉


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