The Top 5 Picks for the Week of 11/9/09

This was an odd week for us. Lots of jobs were wrapping up, everyone seemed happy with the results and did you see how big the moon had been last week? It was full, bright orange and it looked like it was so close we could travel there by plane. Well, you could, I can’t. I can’t fly overseas and I am going to fly to the moon? Overseas, ha, if I fly x-country I am having severe anxiety and need lots of… moving along, we saw some really interesting ideas that I put on the site here and there. I surprised our cat the other day when I walked into the kitchen. She is of the neurotic kind so as one would suspect when the whacked are surprised… she took off in full force, her feet moving faster than the Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil himself AND in the direction away from the door. 10 short feet in front of her was nothing but wall and she’s picking up speed per foot as her fat body is catching up with her feet. I’m standing there thinking that this is not only going to be good but it will be the highlight of my day. Inches from the wall now my anxiety starts getting in gear. She doesn’t miss a note and flys up the wall hissing and I let out this; “Oh my God! She’s actually running up the wall” Well gravity was about to win this battle before she crashed into the ceiling which I did want to see. She somehow flipped her body around as she’s making a u-turn. Not only is she going as fast as a cheetah now with a hiss that would scare a rattle snake there’s a weird odor coming from her that scared me so I jumped out of her way. I didn’t see “Taz” for about 8 hours after that. I thought how odd, she is still out of breath. For some reason it reminds me of the many times I have fallen in the gutter. I would just lay there and stare at the stars. I never knew if it were the beauty of the stars in the sky or the fall itself that took my breath away.
Here are the top 5 Loo picks for this week. Enjoy. Remember, if you’ve looked for hours on end and still can’t find your glasses just forget about it. You’ll find them when you take them off.

# 5~


I have just one word for this Loo- everything about it has superior quality right down to the smallest detail. It's beautiful!

# 4~


Ok, this Loo was designed in France. I have been trying to figure this out. Does this person have a Loo in his office or is his home bathroom where his office is. Anyone?

# 3~


The mirror acts as an illusion, I thought it was a door

# 2~


May not have the comfort you like but this is superior quality!

And the # 1 Loo for this week…


Not to have worries, what a great place to be!

If the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence that is because the cows have already been there.

Have a great week and check back often!

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