The Top 5 Picks for the Week of 11/1/09

This week we’re looking in the vault of past and present. Anything from the perfect apt bathroom to the Loo accessories that make you want to get rid of your plastic soap dish. Hopefully, anything that catches your attention will trigger that imagination into doing something, anything different to your bathroom this week. Heck, get a piece of canvas the size of one of the bathroom walls and start painting. Or have a favorite dead celebrity signature party where someone picks their favorite dead celebrity and signs that name on your bathroom wall. Rock stars, the infamous or even the “Walls with Voo-Doo Dolls” is always a fun one. Especially when a particular person needs to use your Loo one day and notices the walls are covered with drawings of pins in dolls with names of people below them. Some you know, some you don’t. You find this amusing and somewhat creative until you come across a doll with your name below it. And it has more pins in it than any other doll on the wall. You find this a bit disturbing, actually you find it so disturbing you’re shaking uncontrollably. You decide to clean it off the wall somehow and hope your ex-friend doesn’t notice your doll is missing. But when you open a cabinet door to look for something to take it off with you’re faced with yet another drawing that reads; “Your Doll on my Wall, it’s there to stay, best leave it alone or you’ll have hell to pay” And we wonder why we suddenly get sharp pains for absolutely no reason at all. I say BS! Words I live by; “Be good to all and stay off The Wall” It works for me. If you need extra security carry a pocketful of red brick dust with you for the next several days. Enjoy your week and stay off the wall!

# 5~

# 5 ~

Small, efficient and tasetfully done. Great colors.

# 4~


Notice all the minor details in this LOO... nicely done.

# 3~


Fun Italian wall art for any Loo

# 2~

Always no matter what accessories you put in there

This classic is a must in any size Loo

And the number 1 pick for the week of 11/1/09 is…


This Old World Charm is what Italy does naturally. Pure, true and elegant in every way.


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