Finally! The day has arrived that your Dream Bathroom is finished. But…

You walk in your new dream bathroom that you have waited years for. You cut corners, saved every penny, stayed home, watched free movies and ate stale chips. At one point the “dream bathroom savings account” was moving so slow you took on a second job. So here you are, it’s finished, it’s brilliant, it’s extraordinary and then it hits you. There is one thing missing. Not quite sure what it is as you stand there but something is definitely missing and you will NOT, nor will anyone else, use this bathroom until you add that one thing. Is it a Plasma TV, Superior Sound System, Exotic Plants/Bonsai Trees, A Skylight, The Color of the Lighting, more lighting, softer lighting, less lighting, Candles, metal wall art, The Smoke Chair… wtf is it??? Now pick a Loo and tell us what you will do 😉


Is it the sound system?

Or perhaps the Plasma TV?

This one needs, it needs...

music! No...

The Fire chair. That’s, that’s…

Drfinitely more lighting, I mean less...

blue lighting, I mean candles... I think.

Nope, I was right earlier, the fire chair, definitely!


Maybe one of those little trees. Bonsai Tree!

No Bonsai Tree. I’m getting the Plasma TV and watching ESPN all day.

The TV ain't happening in here.

Art. That metal art stuff that you glue on the walls.


Definitely the fire chair. I just made up my mind! Where will I put it?

I hate skylights!




Got it it, no question about it…

Got it it, no question about it, gettin a dog and takin a road trip!

Got it it, no question about it, gettin a dog and takin a road trip!


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  1. wow, this is so cool

  2. Thanks Man, it’s also a lot of fun. Glad you enjoy the site.

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