Top 5 picks for the week of 10/25/2009

This week we went to Europe. Italy was our main destination and once we arrived we found out why. The Italians are passionate about EVERYTHING! When filling their cars with gas they will down a shot of espresso and off the go. No matter what they are wearing it all looks tailor made. The artwork is unmatched. The can take an old tin rusted canister, splash on some red paint, toss some weeds and a few flowers in it and then place it by the tub. When you see it then it has become a vision of beauty so unique you wonder how it could have happened when created so quickly. Then again, was it? Was it more about centuries of practice? Let’s take a look what Italy has created with the Loo…

# 5 ~

# 4 ~ bathroom-Italian-sink-limited-space

# 3 ~ bathroom-Italian-oversized-soapdish-and-towel-bar

# 2 ~ bathroom-Italian-red-black

And the number 1 Loo for the week is…



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  1. I like the photo number four ( 4 ). Really great shot.

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