Work in Progress

We were recently contacted by some very nice people down in Louisiana. The gentleman on the phone sounded like one o the most humble and grateful men I had ever spoken to. He asked me if we were not too busy could someone come down and meet with he and his wife regarding the works. Create, design, restyle, refashion, from top to bottom, inside and out. I am excited about meeting any potential buyer. This one in particular though seemed fascinating to me so I told him I would personally come down and meet with him. After our visit I flew home thinking of creative ways that would work for what he has, his interest, his passions and love for the arts, current events…  then my thoughts would be interrupted with a matter of fact stare but there was kindness about him. I told him let’s do this; you design a prototype of what you would like and I will design one of what I think you will like based on our conversation. He liked that idea and agreed to meet again in two weeks.

Here are the two vastly different creations…



I asked him who and why there was a person in his creation. He explained that it was his brother-in-law. That he would get a better idea of the feel of the commode if someone were walking in to use it. I didn’t respond… I couldn’t… I was speechless… nauseous.

The only other thing that you should know about this man is that he is the owner of the 3rd largest, privately held agricultural company in the world.

So let’s have some fun, send us your picks and why you chose the one you did. The winner will be in next week’s top five pics.

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