FashionLoo ~ High Fashion Architects

By G. Max Shapiro and Creative Staff

FashionLoo is simply effortless for you! To have that one room in the house that no one would touch for decades is now being viewed as art. At FashionLoo, we are passionate about the work we do. It’s stylish that showcases our exquisite craftsmanship. Some designs are quite bold while other designs may be softer and elegant. From the moment we arrive at your home to the time the job is complete we treat you, our client in the utmost respect. This is an important part of our service. Guaranteed! When someone from FashionLoo completes a job we know that everything is in perfect working condition, is highly functional and has been restored to its original beauty. It is positively amazing!  For every need that may catch you by surprise, we are committed to providing you with a service that is peerless, consummate and unmatched. Our goal on each and every refashion is that the job is not complete until the results are Superior!

Areas of Creative Design & Restyle;

  • Art & Fashion – Restyle your bathroom and have fun
  • Wall tiles that will make you feel you’re anywhere you want to be
  • Water damaged floors/walls? This is where the fun begins!
  • Style & Decorative shower-drain systems
  • Custom painting that is unique, artistic and decorative
  • Fashion Floor design with flair and panache
  • Tired of wallpaper or paint? Let’s repair and replace the walls with paintings on canvas hangings
  • High efficiency stylish fixtures to save water
  • Refashion to your personality, interests, even your pet pics
  • On a tight to low budget? FashionLoo can still work magic for you
  • A Fashionable/Decorative bathroom will stimulate your mood for the day
  • And much more, so just ask!

Having FashionLoo Create, Design & Restyle your Home Bathroom is going to be a lot of fun for you and us. It’s like having your very own personal Artist available whenever your bathroom needs a new style.

Thank you for thinking of us!


bathroom_remodel_tuscan_vessel bathroom_remodel_beige_brown



Red, Black & Stone working perfectly here.


Fits well with the Apt Loo

“Refashioning the Home Bathroom”

By French Fashion Influence G. Max Shapiro

Call Monday – Saturday from 8:30 am – 9:00pm to discuss your current bathroom repairs. Or what you may be looking for in your very own Restyle and Refashion Design. Bathroom-Luxury-Master-9-2009

Call me for a free, no obligation consultation. We can discuss what you want to accomplish with your bathroom, themes, colors, accessories… Depending on the work that will go into your FashionLoo I can give you an estimate right away or email one within 24 hrs

Kindest Regards,

g. max shapiro

The ever so popular, our Early American Bathroom Refashion is… bathroom_remodel_early_american

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